Or-kids runs fully inclusive play provision which means that you can be assured that the specific needs of all children are considered. We will create an environment which is safe, stimulating allowing children to play freely, and parents to work or study confident that their children are being cared for by fully trained staff.

The aims of the club is to have:

  • A comfortable, exciting and enriching environment for all children
  • Equality of opportunity for all celebrating individuality
  • Positive partnerships with parents and carers
  • Happy children

A typical after school session would involve a range of games and activities set-up in the club before the children come in from school. First choice for many though is a bit of chill out time with a drink and a chance to unwind watching television then its play. The choice is theirs.

Opening Hours
Breakfast Club - 7.45am until school start time
Monday to Friday. Children are escorted to school.

After School Club
3.15pm until 6.00pm Monday to Friday. Children are collected from school

Jeannette Moore:

Tel: 01484 322998 Mobile: 07835733984